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Email Marketing Sample

The following is a sample of email marketing for an event. 

PDF: email marketing sample 01

Body of message:

Now you can boost your employees’ productivity and innovation with the 5 motivation techniques in our webinar and workshop series. Each Friday beginning August 6, until September 3, 2021, we will show you how to get the positive, permanent results you need to motivate your team!

Can’t make it to Indianapolis? Sign up for the live-cast webinar.

The first event of 2021’s biggest Executive Excellence series, “Find your Blind Spots: Why Your Employees Aren’t Motivated,” will show you how to discover the biggest mistakes you did not realize you are making. Walt Hofstadter, CEO of Executive Excellence, will lead the event with leaders of the top two winners of “Forbes’ Most Engaged Workplaces of 2020,” Lynne Bandler, CEO of Dover Automotive, and Jack Dietrich, COO of Midland Tech.