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About me

Always ready to research a new topic or take on a new challenge! I’m now sharing my research tips and showing off my instructional video content creation skills at Ready2Research.  

My experience in analytics and SEO Content creation of keyword-optimized pages and blog posts, niche link-building, consistent branding, and website creation put CrossRoadsINDY “on the map,” #1 on Google for location, and target keywords. I also created assessments and surveys which enhanced service as well as all inbound sales scripts and correspondence. In addition to B2C service, I have developed a wide range of content for a B2B SaaS product.

When I’m not making videos or brushing up on my Photoshop and Illustrator skills, I fill my free time with research/reading and listening to audiobooks, podcasts, weightlifting, and cooking.

My main blog categories are:

Portfolio of selected work and professional accomplishments

Research tips and the love of learning. Subscribe to my YouTube channel here.

Thoughts on a variety of topics including Philosophy/Psychology, technology, sci-fi, and memories.

Do-it-yourself computer, cooking, and home projects tips from a research nut who does it all.

Reviews of products and entertainment including audiobooks, podcasts, and really “bad” movies.

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