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About me

I’m a research writer and I create SEO content for other sites. I’m a webmaster and content creator for CrossRoadsINDY.comCareerPrepAcademy.com and InspireBusinessSolutions.com.

My SEO Content of video creation and narration, keyword-optimized pages and blog posts, niche link-building, and consistent branding, Marketing research, and website creation put CrossRoadsINDY “on the map”, #1 on Google for target keywords. I also created assessments and surveys which enhanced service as well as all inbound sales scripts and correspondence.

As a career counselor and administrator at CrossRoadsINDY, I created a highly detailed, customizable, yet simplified step-by-step manual with workshops for career search and career development including career path planning, interview coaching, and writing résumés. (With my approach, a highly effective résumé is the natural by-product of preparedness.) I have also mastered red-tape by establishing and maintaining insurance accreditation for the practice. Building on this experience, using research on current struggles of high school and college students and the gap between necessary workplace skills and what is learned along the way, I created the 501(c)(3) nonprofit status, curriculum, and program for CareerPrepAcademy.

I’m a lifelong learner who uses those wee hours of the night (and other times in between) to research and challenge my ideas and beliefs. I fill other free time with research/reading and listening to audiobooks and podcasts, weightlifting, and cooking.

My main blog categories are:


Portfolio of selected professional accomplishments


Thoughts on a variety of topics including Philosophy/Psychology, technology, sci-fi, and memories.

I have a great interest in human behavior and economics, in particular–the way technology changes the way we communicate and express ourselves.

My views on politics are evidence-based, science-based, and respect the vulnerable. This is not a space in which I rant about political beliefs; my interest is on the effect policies will have not just on individuals and the US, but the world as well.


How-to, recipes, nutrition, and health

I’m always looking for new shortcuts and ways to accomplish tasks. I cook almost everything I eat, because I am focused on preventing health issues associated with the common Western diet.


Reviews of products and entertainment including audiobooks, podcasts, and really “bad” movies.

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