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Content Portfolio

I specialize in trust-building content and clarifying complex concepts and processes. I have branded, researched and edited websites, blog posts, videos, brochures, pamphlets, instructional manuals, surveys, assessments, contracts, and correspondence, presented workshops, and planned events for CrossRoadsINDY.com. I researched, wrote, and edited all materials and narrated all videos in the linked material

This is an overview of my style with links to selected examples of content.

Tone and style

My tone and style can vary as needed from simple, readable, and accessible (reading level 6th-8th grade/Flesch-Kincaid scale 60 or higher) to scholarly and authoritative.


I have branded and developed all content for CrossRoads Counseling, which provides Psychotherapy, Executive Coaching, and Career Coaching. Since most searches are for counseling and coaching, the text focuses on these services. Instead of making price the differentiating factor, highlighted aspects are fast results, personal empowerment, and maximizing potential.


Clients often state they found us as the #1 result on Google for both organic search and/or Google map listings. Our taglines and content from online listings are often mentioned as these resources have differentiated our practice to appeal to our target market.

Online listing: Taglines

Site tagline: “Counseling and Coaching for positive, permanent change in your life and career.”
Google title: “Indianapolis Christian Counseling & Career Coaching–FAST RESULTS”
Google meta description: “FAST RESULTS Indianapolis Christian Counseling & Career Coaching serving Indianapolis, Fishers, Noblesville, Carmel, & Central Indiana area.”

More information on online listings can be found on the Google and Manta listings

Online listing: Sample of service summary

Individual Counseling: Mastery of your feelings and decisions can empower you to help you gain and maintain control of your life. Even if you’re part of a couple or family in counseling, you can get personalized help in individual sessions to improve communication skills and reduce interpersonal conflict.

Research, videos, and instructional materials

My 3-part blog and video series on boundaries is the product of research, experience, and interviews. This trust-building, share-worthy content not only attracts clients, it helps with referrals and enhances a client’s connection to the practice as well as their knowledge of the topic. My instructional content simplifies and demystifies commonly misunderstood topics and provides helpful examples for a variety of situations. Link to Boundaries Part 1: “Definition and Types of Boundaries

The blog post and video “How to Ask for Help” is a life coaching guide with which explains and simplifies the process of an overlooked life skill of self-advocacy. Blog post and video link: “How to Ask for Help

To help clients get more out of their counseling sessions and develop more interest in our site, I created a 1-page (2-sided) handout with tips on two of the most effective ways to get more out of their service: motivation and consistency (linked to this blog post).


Assessments with simple to understand charts were created and offered to clients to identify more issues than standard counseling and to provide a baseline for progress. Suggestive questioning was used to elicit more truthful responses for statements that a client prefers not to admit. More detail on the project is linked here.

Simplified instructional material

Instructional and practical information is a large part of what I do to create outreach material that proves expertise. I also created the Career Prep Academy program to empower disadvantaged students with “soft skills” and self-advocacy to help level the playing field

This example of the overview I created for my program shows the level of clarity I can develop for complicated products and processes.